Collection of food, curtains, bedding, furniture for families whose homes have been destroyed in the fires.

 "Kindness is like snow, it beautifies everything it covers" - Kahil Gibran

Rondebosch Paediatric Oncology Christmas Drive  

The Rondebosch Paediatric Oncology unit opened last year and in December 2017 they had 6 children under their care. This year they already have 36 patients. Many of the children have to travel from far for their treatments and if they are in the intensive phase of their treatment, often need to spend days at the hospital. The treatment area is new and the team is amazing, but it is a very clinical environment and therefore this drive to make things a little more festive and bring a little cheer to the unit. 


We would like to give each child a gift during their last December chemotherapy treatment - we cannot host a christmas party because many of the children have compromised immune systems and need to be kept in relative isolation. We hope the gift will make them feel special and give them something to get excited about. The unit would also like to raise funds for a TV and DVD player, a small bean bag, as well as some art supplies and books to create an area where the children can relax a little and keep busy while they are receiving their treatments of waiting their turn. 


If you would like to support this Christmas Drive by donating a gift for a child (I have a list of age and genders) please contact me at cdmpienaar@gmail.com or on whatsapp +2782 774 7428.  Monetary contributions can be made to CG Pienaar > Acc no: 1135 091 410 > Branch no: 470010 > Capitec Bank.  I would like to have this finalised by mid November and will collect any gifts from the dancing studio.  We really appreciate all the support!



In recent years we have been involved with the following programs (pictures and newsletters to follow shortly):
Pebbles / Fire Disasters / Flooding in Area / Christmas Boxes for Robertson Childrens Home, Helderberg Animal Rescue,Checkers School Tin Collection.


Township Animal Rescue - 2014

PLEASE HELP US TO HELP THEM!!!! We appreciate every little bag / ball, blanket from the bottom of our hearts!

We have the ability to take things into our own hands and change them for the better.   Animals in the South African townships don’t have this luxury… Fortunately, there are passionate people that help these creatures that everyone seems to have forgotten. Thank you for visiting our site, and more than anything else... thank you for caring!
Get on our mailing list:
Please send us an email if you would like to hear our latest news and view the latest animals needing homes. email 

Adopt a Pet:  We are at Root44 market, Audacia farm (winter included as its in a marquee) and also every Sunday from 11am until 2:30pm. 
township animal rescue on Facebook
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how can you help? 
Are you interested in becoming a Volunteer, or would you like to donate something?


Wish list:


  • Our main concern is to give the animals a loving caring home - All our efforts are to make this happen. Please contact us if you would like to adopt a new pet.

In order to look after the animals and care for them while we are searching for new homes, we have various initiatives to create awareness and raise money for vaccinations, De-worming, De-fleaing, food, special diets, dipping, injections, medications and operations. We need (unpaid) volunteers for the following:

  • Help needed for Fundraising

  • Help needed for Spay Check-ups of adopted pets

  • Help needed with Marketing Work

  • Help need with Money Tin Collections

  • Help needed at our Adopt-a-Pet stand (Saturday Mornings)

We also require help with the following:

  • Woodwork

  • Sewing

  • Steel work

  • Odd Jobs

  • Dog Sitting

  • Dog Fostering (all expenses paid)

We need donations of:

  • Kennels (used or new, plastic or wood)

  • Wooden Pallets - We use these to make kennels

  • Dry dog food

Apart from fundraising, we rely on the generous donations from the community.


Bank Details for DONATIONS:

Account Name: Township Animal Rescue
Bank: ABSA 
Branch: Somerset West
Acc. No. 915 822 44 88

Please put your contact details as a reference so that we can thank you!


All of your help will be sincerely appreciated!!



Choices - 2013:


To all the fabulous dancers of Stellies Academy of Dance

 With Christmas being just around the corner, we would just like to remind you of those less fortunate than us and to ask you all to please open up your hearts and read a little further…

 Two weeks ago, Bianca, Lizl, Anthea and I were the very privileged guests of a Choices Fundraiser breakfast. What an experience!!! We learned so much about the organisation and the out-pouring of love, care and fellowship amidst these women were enough to make us try to make even just a small difference in some-one’s life…

 The Choices home is situated in the bottom end of Somerset West.

Dispirited, defeated women (some so very, very young) who are living through crisis pregnancies are welcomed there by caring people who do this purely for love. They home them, teach them new skills, uplift them and give them the confidence to return to society. They council, organise Kango parents and help with the adoption process. These young girls may stay in the Choices home for up to three months…. It is, however, a never ending battle to feed them and we would appreciate even the smallest can of something that can be given to the Centre. If you could please drop it at the studio, we will make sure that it reaches them as soon as possible.

 Natasha, the “mom” in charge has said they are in desperate need of the following dry goods:

Tastic Rice, Sunflower Oil, Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, brown sugar, pilchards in tomato source, cans of tuna, tins of jam and peanut butter.

They also make up “Feel better” packs for the ladies and would appreciate soaps, body lotions, and toothbrushes, creams of any sort, facecloths and toothpastes.

 You have all been so phenomenal with your generosity in the past…. Thank you and let’s show them how big our hearts are for the month of November.

 With much gratitude to you and much love from us!

Yours in dance

Liz, Anthea and Lizl




Hello Everybody

It’s that time of the year again, and all of our support is needed within the community!


What does a baby really need in the first weeks at home? The answer is - not much. Please see checklist to help you choose the basic baby items that a baby needs to have in the first precious weeks of life.

As parents, we all desire to give our kids the very best we can. However, some mothers and fathers are struggling to simply provide their babies with the very basics.

Many of these families can get assistance for food through local service providers, but the assistance doesn’t cover other supplies such as diapers and wipes that are necessary and expensive. We don’t want the financial hardships of a family to keep any baby from having their basic needs met.

Choices Relief Agency does just this. They collect all goodies for parents to be & Day clinics in the area (there are mothers to be whom can not afford to stay over-night in a hospital to have their babies), providing to all that can not provide on their own.

They are in desperate need of the following:.

  • 2012 Old Magazines

  • Old laddered pantyhose / stockings

  • Cotton Wool

  • Surgical Spirits

  • Baby Clothes – particularly Toweling BabyGro’s

  • Disposable wipes or cloth wipes

  • Baby washcloths

  • Pacifiers / dummies

  • Towels

  • Baby nail clippers

  • Baby socks

  • Cloth diapers

  • Diaper rash cream

  • Baby blankets

  • Bottles – AIDS infected mothers may not breast feed their babies for up to 6 months.

  • Mild soaps

  • Infant thermometers

  • Baby powders

  • Medicine droppers

  • Head to toe wash

  • Baby shampoo

  • Baby lotions / oils

  • Little hats

  • Burp cloths

  • Sippy cups

  • Bibs

They also supply to ‘Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard’, whom take in anything second hand goodiesfor babies up to 2 years of age. They fix, clean and ‘sell’ again to those less fortunate

In addition to general hygiene supplies, ALSO used baby clothing and blankets, along with unexpired car seats and car seat bases, bounce seats, play pens, and high chairs will be accepted.

Please help us to help the community and make the world better place for the children.

Please bring in all donations, (even if its just one soap) at your earliest convenience, to the studio and we will take to ‘Choices’ as soon as we have a sizeable donation.

Life is good here in Stellenbosch. Enjoy each and every moment!

Yours in dance

Liz, Anthea and Lizl