The Stellenbosch Dance Academy was founded in 1985 and
has gone from strength to strength as the years passed by.
Modern and Hip Hop classes are offered to all age groups from the beginner to the advanced pupil. We, as teachers, aim to encourage each and every dancer, regardless of their strengths and weaknesses. Each person is special in their own unique way, be it serious examination work or simply just dancing for the
love of dance.




-  You can express yourself in an innovative and artistic way.

-  You meet friends through the language of dance.

-  What could be a more healthy form of exercise.

-  A perfect way to feel good about yourself

Modern Dance

This genre of Dance emphasizes the creative process in both choreography and performance.  It is a more relaxed and easy style of dance in which we, as teachers, use emotions and moods to choreograph our own steps.  Compared to most other dance forms, it has a deliberate use of gravity.Modern dance for children is the connection between self esteem and enrichment.  Steps can be taught to the very young (our babies are welcome from the age of 3). It gives us never-ending pleasure to watch a shy child grow into a poised and confident young adult.

SYLLABI TAUGHT: Association of International Dance Teachers  |  Cape Dance Teachers Association Open Classes include: 
Movement, mime and music appreciation for littlies, Technique work & Contemporary Dance for seniors. Medal performances for all ages.

Hip Hop

A high energy, cardiovascular workout incorporating different styles like 'Breaking', 'Popping', 'Locking', Tutting', 'House',
'RNB' and 'Krumping'.  Group work, partnership work and solo work is encouraged – the bigger the attitude, the better!  Even the faint-hearted can attack this genre of dance with a sense of personal interpretation and fun.

SYLLABI TAUGHT: South African Dance Teachers Association  |  TDA Association Open Classes and Medal performances for all ages



We are so excited to introduce a compulsory dance uniform into the Studio.
As from the end of Term 1, it will be compulsory that each dancer comes to class dressed in the correct attire.

(Modern: unitard, hot pants or leotard | Hip Hop: Hip Hop pants, takkies, top)

Dancers need to be proud of their art and we hope to fuel that pride by encouraging the correct dress code.

So gorgeous dancers please remember: